For Scottish Clans, In accepting applications, we are guided by the Standing Council of the Scottish Chiefs: the Court of the Lord Lyon; and the publication of the Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia, by George Way of Plean & Romily Squire. Furthermore, we wish to advise you that preference will be given to entities that are recognized by their Clan Chief and/or National President. The Clan or Society Tent Space is $35.00 per space (10'x10'). In return, your Clan or Society will receive: ? Two (2) Admission Tickets, good for both days ? One (1) Parking Pass, good for both days ADVERTISING: Clans or Societies receive a discounted rate of $35 for business card-size advertising in the program. To place an advertisement contact our Clan Chairman at DEADLINE for advertising and Clan Tent Space reserva-tions is: May 15, 2016. All artwork MUST be camera-ready. Larger ads are at indicated rate on rate sheet. Fire Department Restrictions: The restrictions imposed by the Amador County Fire Marshall remain in effect. Please be advised that if you request 4 or more Tent Spaces, you may have to pay a waiver to the Fire Marshal. Camping and Camping Fee: ? No clan or clan member shall “camp” overnight in their clan tent. ? If tent camping on fairgrounds property, clans must reserve camping space via the MLHG website ( ? Tent camping spaces are limited and on a first-come first-serve bases. Only one tent per tent site is permitted. ? Camping reservations will open February 1, 2016 ? Tent Camping, at the fairgrounds only, $25 per night per tent ? Included is one vehicle pass per tent in the fairgrounds campground. Additional passes are $5 each per vehicle. ? RVs – Far Horizons 49er RV Village & Resort located adjacent to the fairgrounds ( ? RV camping will not be provided at the fairgrounds. Utility Trailers: ? Parking will be provided for utility trailers at no charge ? Trailers must be parked in the designated storage area ? Utility trailers are not permitted in the campground area ? If trailers are not parked in the designated area clan/owner will be asked to move said trailer. If trailer is not moved clan/owner will be towed at clan/owners expense. Tents, Canopies & Tarps: ? All tents, canopies and tarps must have a manufacturer’s tag stating that they are certified fire retardant and follow the California Standards CPAI-84. Sale of Products: ? There shall be no services or products sold in the clan village. Exception is clan clothing (i.e. clothing with your specific clan crest) ? There shall be no raffle, lottery, sweepstakes or similar in the clan village. ? There shall be no outside alcoholic beverages in the clan village. RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS AGEEMENT I hereby represent that I/We wish to participate as a Clan in the Mother Lode Games on June 18 and 19, 2016 sponsored by The Mother Lode Highland Games, Inc. I recognize that any outdoor activity may involve certain dangers, including but not limited to the hazards of the forces of nature, and the actions of other participants and other persons unaffiliated with the Games. I understand that these hazards produce a risk of physical harm or death, as well as a risk of loss or damage to my personal property. I further understand and agree that MLHG would not be able to sponsor such Events without some form of agreement providing protection for MLHG, its officers, directors, paid staff and volunteer workers. In consideration of, and for my privilege to participate in The Mother Lode Highland Games I hereby release The Mother Lode Highland Games, Inc. and The 26th D.A.A. - Amador County Fairgrounds, its officers, directors, paid staff and volunteer workers and hold harmless from and against any and all liability, claims and/or causes of action which I may have arising from my participation in any and all of the activities of the event, including but not limited to those involving negligence on the part of such officers, directors, paid staff or volunteer workers, which result in personal injury or death to myself and/or loss or damage to my personal property. The terms of this agreement shall bind myself and my heirs, assigns, and per-sonal representative.